Offshore Container Certified To DNV 2.7-1

Offshore Container Certified to DNV 2.7-1


Our offshore containers are Lloyd’s or DNV certified to DNV 2.7-1 standard and are fully verified from material selection through final load testing through a qualified surveyor who inspects the process to meet code requirements.

An offshore container is used to transport large and small components to drilling and production rigs. They are built for the transport of goods, which can include general cargo containers, cargo baskets, bulk containers, special containers, boxes and gas cylinder racks. Our 20’ offshore containers also comply with ISO standards for intermodal shipping containers.

DNV Rated Offshore Bottle Rack

6′ Mini DNV Cargo Carrying Unit (CCU)

8′ DNV Offshore Cargo Basket

10′ DNV/ISO Closed Top Offshore

Offshore Cargo Carrying Basket (CCU)

20′ DNV/ISO Closed Top Offshore
Cargo Carrying Unit (CCU)

20ft DNV/ISO Open Top Offshore CCU

20′ DNV/ISO Half Height
Offshore Cargo Basket