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WHAT is a shipper-owned container?

Shipper - Owned Containers (or "SOC"s) refer to containers purchased by the shipper primarily to avoid demurrage (storage) and detention charges commonly associated with Carrier-Owned Containers or "COC"s. Rather than leasing a COC from a Carrier/Shipping Line, purchasing SOCs allows more time freedom, also allowing the shipper a choice of transportation from the port. Additionally the client may then use their box for their own storage needs after the shipment, or they may choose to sell it at that time. Pro Box, Inc.n sometimes offers "buy backs" for our customers if the container is in a large hub/port and in good condition. Request an SOC.

Storage containers / container structures

Shipping containers are perfect for storage at your facility or property. Inspected to be Wind and Water Tight, our quality containers will last for many years in the elements.

We also LOVE supplying your container homes/offices/structures! We enjoy seeing your designs and getting to be a part of your project. With full specs/designs, we can do many modifications and painting in house. See our Services page for more

Our Services

Our services for consumer, commercial, and government

Container Maintenance & Repair

We repair containers to these standards:
Wind and Water Tight (storage grade)
Cargo Worthy (shipping and export grade) and more

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Container Modifications

We can cut out, frame and install windows and doors or other openings (i.e., for A/C unit, vents, intake and exhaust hoses etc.) at your request.

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Container Painting

Our services include neutralization (when applicable), container survey and Cargo Worthy Certificate, which are all usually required by the Shipping Line.

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Why Choose Us

For 25 years, Pro Box has set the standard for quality shipping containers nationwide - even globally for projects. We supply containers for export, storage, container homes/structures, and for any capacity in which you need a quality SOC. With our full service depot, we are your one stop shop, including inspections, certifications, painting, modifications and repairs. WE'RE THE CONTAINER PROS!

Reliable Service
Second to None

Shipping and storage container maintenance and repair are done at the highest standards. Our Houston depot in-house inspector and our nationwide surveyors ensure our superior quality across the nation.

Every step of the way

Responsive, diligent and organized, we provide creative solutions, from your routine container requirements to your complex projects.

Extensive knowledge in the industry

Our unparalleled customer service and expertise in the shipping industry allows us to predict potential problems, allowing your project run smoothly until the final container has made it to its destination.